Maxi Hydraulic

Fliptop Maxi Hydraulic

Fliptop Maxi is our hydraulic systems, which open from one side to expose this whole loading. Fliptop Maxi manöverras with a hydraulic front or rear depending on preference or space. Longer systems equipped with cylinder, front and back.

End caps and the longitudinal tubes are hot-galvanized steel. All pivot points are stored with bushings and guideposts in the bottom of the nipples. The hydraulic cylinder supplied with the system, but the control valve is not included as an option, a number of hydraulic components ordered, even complete hydraulic unit remotely. To avoid having to fasten the roof in strong winds, we have two hydraulic locking solutions accessories, load holding valves or hydraulic lock cylinders with sequence valves.

The system requires the MAX 150 bar hydraulic pressure, variation depending on the number of cylinders and length.